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The benchmark for a healthy diet, powering your brands

Thanks to its personalized meal planning service with grocery lists that take advantage of flyer specials from supermarkets across Canada, SOS Cuisine influences food purchases for over 750,000 individuals every week. is also the main source of culinary suggestions for people with medical conditions and/or food intolerances who want to improve their health through diet. is above all, an active, loyal and hands-on community.

Some key facts:

  • 3 000 000 pageviews per month*
  • 300 000 unique visitors per month*
  • 210 000 subscribers to the weekly newsletters

* Google Analytics – March 2013



  • 77% of our users are women
  • 73% are between 25 and 54 years old
  • 52% have kids living with them
  • 91% are the decision-makers for groceries
cible helps over 300,000 families make smarter food choices.

Increase your visibility and reach your target audience with SOS Cuisine.

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