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In order to offer the best to its members, SOSCuisine partners with institutions, companies and health professionals who are champions in their field, agents of change in their community, and visionaries in their work.

Our services include the generation of customized meal plans and shopping lists, tools for saving, money on groceries, articles on healthy eating, tips on how to adopt healthier eating habits, and much more. If your own service offering is complementary to ours, contact us.

Website and Blog

Eager to give its partners the best visibility possible and to provide quality content to its 500,000 monthly visitors, SOSCuisine welcomes them on its social media channels and Pestoblog.


With nearly 300,000 subscribers to one of its 28 specialized weekly newsletters, SOSCuisine offers its partners a single point of contact.

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Social Networks

With hundreds of thousands of weekly views, SOSCuisine’s social media channels are a powerful tool for two-way communication between SOSCuisine, its partners and the public.

Contact us to discuss partnerships opportunities.

Pierre B. Lamontagne,
VP R&D and Business Development

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